Tips and tricks to dress a big bum

Creating your own visual style and making it unique yet identifiable is every persons dream.The key to achieving this is knowing your body type and rooting your personal style from which you like and you are comfortable in.In this blog,i will focus more on the ‘apple bottom’ ladies.A nice, perky, big, round butt needs perfect styling.

Highlight your waist

Attenuating your waist brings a curvy natural looking body shape consequently smoothing your silhouette.You could do belts,body-cons,corsets,wrap/draping dresses to highlight the waist and buns.Shift dresses are not a good option as they hang loosely over your curves unless worn with a  belt.Think about pencil skirts, palazzo pants and high waisted denim shorts or jeans.

Keep it trim up top

Tops that keep close to the small of your back aid in attenuating your waist.Avoid baggy tops as they hides some of the best parts of your figure.The crop top will draw attention to the jeans, and the jeans will highlight your booty.¾ sleeves are a good way to pull attention from the bigger proportion of your bottom.

*If you don’t want people to pay too much attention to your booty, then highlight the top half of your body and draw attention upwards. Accentuate your shoulders by wearing off shoulder tops or highlight your neck by wearing a statement neck piece. This balances out your frame and slims down your bottom smoothly.

Find a good selection of dresses which perfect the figure(body cons,pencil skirts etc)

Wrap around style,pencil skirts and body-con clothing is perfect for showcasing your blossoming bum.They look great and show how confident and proud you are of your body.Anything peplum also highlights your curves. A-line dresses and skirts were made for the curvy frame of a woman with a big behind.Wide hemmed skirts fall loosely around your hips and have many pleats, making it rather easy for your heavy bottom to get lost in them. Go for wide hemmed midis or full length skirts though, as opposed to a short one if your purpose is to hide that butt.

*Dark colors slim you out, so if you’re feeling self-conscious, go dark.


Heels play a big role in lifting your pelvis consequently causing your back to arch naturally.

Try sequined or shiny bottoms

Eyes are naturally drawn toward sparkles.Brings out  a fun vibe that not many girls are bold enough to try but really works in bringing out that perfect bum!

Always opt for thicker fabric

Garments made of fabrics with cotton blends and wool blends have the ability to conform and move with your curves.Stay away from anything that is clingy and sticks to your body as it always brings discomfort.

*Speaking of fabric,its really important to have high quality undergarments as it is a part of an outfit that never goes unnoticed.


“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada


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