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Embrace that ‘gumbody’!!

“Why are we still so insecure…,don’t know what we are running from…and i’m breaking,but before we crash and burn…,Hope we see the light……I hope we see the lightSauti sol insecure

Do you ever wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and get a feeling of dissatisfaction and self consciousness?..I know i do!We live in dire hatred towards our body imperfection.We live in a society which has idealized perfection as curvy and pretty skin.We depend on validation from the same society which has brought up body shaming forgetting the fact that we don’t choose to be who we are.We don’t choose to be tall,plus-size,short,thin,curvy and so forth.Gentle body acceptance is one step to glamming up your style and confidence!Body positivism to me is just empowering.Utterly understanding that your value as a human being does not come from what you look like on the outside.Its a constant journey of learning to accept your body shape,size and color for what it is so that you don’t let your insecurities hold you  back from living your best life!Sauti sol’s new jam’Insecure‘ has really identified with a majority………distinctly addressing a worry all of us have to go through in our day to day lives.We all have to be delighted at what our Almighty graced us with and flaunt it without fear!

Acceptance is key

photo credits to ig @ivycheptumo and @Klein_nettoh

Try accepting that you are tall or short or dark or light or any perfect imperfection you have and go from there.Focus less on those flaws.We always have a unique attractive feature given to us.Fall in love with your outer self and consequently your inner self will gain confidence.All of us have had to go through a lot of body shaming and many traumatizing situations;being called fat,thin,without ‘figure’,dark,short and more disturbing judgments from those closest to us.Truth remains,everyone has a flaw and we choose how to express them……I personally love my flaws and brandish them every single day.I accepted my body type,and rooted a fashion style which attenuates my body figure well(i prefer not to describe)The small bits of self-doubting attitudes i had are slowly fading and i have learnt to live by what i have and to appreciate what i don’t have that others have.Love that hip dip,that forehead,that small or big bum,those freckles on your skin…..because it is what makes you unique!

Source inspiration

Read and source inspiration from people who give body positivism and self acceptance accounts.This gives you the energy to embrace your imperfection.Bloggers and stylists all over have come up with different body types and perfect outfits for these body types so quit being insecure and dress that breathtaking body.That attractive physique(‘gumbody’)There is beauty in diversity,have fun with fashion and style regardless of your body shape,size or colour.In her ‘scars you are beautiful’music video, Canadian pop star Alessia Cara has a number of people from different backgrounds share their stories of being different and loving those differences. She is a true advocate for self-love and has opened up about the challenges of working in an industry that often idolizes perfection.

Prioritise your health

We all always have an agenda in mind when working out.Body image perfection,getting that well rounded bum or cutting that tummy fat or many more which are not a priority.How we look entirely depends on genetics and cannot be changed.Make your general health a prime concern and work out to maintain good health.

Keep away from negative energy!

photo credits to ig @ivycheptumo and @Klein_nettoh

Many people suffer from body image issues, which is no surprise considering the mainstream media constantly attacking people with unrealistic images of how our bodies should look.Body-shaming is a horrible reality that everyone faces over and over again in their lives.This menace is not only for the plus size but for everyone around….i personally have heard someone’s forehead being called a landing strip…surely!All these are body shaming forms which gives you insecurities and lowers your confidence.

“I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does that — even the people that I consider flawless — then you can start to live with the way you are.” —Taylor Swift




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