Welcome to my Blog!

Hey guys!welcome to my blog!!!…

Coming up with this first blog post has proven to be hectic.The whole point of bringing out the ‘why’of starting this blog.By hectic i mean the excitement and confusion of bringing out the contrasting views i have about fashion and style.Everyone these days seems to always have a perspective…….impression!…impressing friends,relatives and even acquaintances.

We all tend to go for the most expensive and trendy pieces….forgetting that life is all about self satisfaction.Develop your personal style which is simply expressing yourself by what you wear.

I’d go on and on trying to get the meaning of fashion but to me its just simply finding a source of looking better and attractive(happiness also matters).

I think there is beauty in everything.What normal people perceive as ugly,i can usually see something of beauty in it-Alexander McQueen


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